Kate, the Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. © 2015 Lily Tomlin. All Rights Reserved.


“Sometimes having everything can make you stop wanting anything.”

– Kate

Kate is the kind of person who is so profoundly rich she would never have a bad haircut. It’s the most humiliating thing for her to have a ‘trendy’ haircut, because she is very classic and her looks are her armor.  When she goes out in the street, because she is so classically put together and so richly appointed in her garments and her accessories, having a trendy haircut that has people staring at her as if she’s a common person is humiliating.


Her perfection and her wealth have allowed her to shut everyone else out. And that is largely what the play is all about is Kate’s transformation and having to come into collision with people in the streets and people she has avoided most of her life. – Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner