The many faces of Lily Tomlin

Explore a lifetime of characters.

“A superb performance by Tomlin. She commands the stage and becomes a myriad of characters…”

Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC

For over forty years Lily Tomlin has stepped onto stages and transformed herself into countless characters. In 1969 she joined the cast of Laugh-In and introduced the world to Ernestine, the irascible telephone operator and Edith Ann, the devilish six-year-old.

She made her Broadway debut in Jane Wagner’s Appearing Nitely with her alter egos the Calumet City housewife Judith Beasley and Trudy the bag lady. In 1985 she returned to the Great White Way in the hit The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe giving us the cranky, old, married couple Marie and Lud and Agnes Angst, the punk rock performance artist, to name just a few.


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