Lud and Marie

“How come we have a daughter we don’t understand too …
Marie, the Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. © 2015 Lily Tomlin. All Rights Reserved.

“How come we have a daughter we don’t understand too good, and a punk rock granddaughter wears somethin’ that makes the garage door flap-up?”

– Lud and Marie


Lud and Marie represent a piece of americana. Aunts and uncles and mothers and dads who act just like that who express a whole other part of the culture and the juxtaposition of Agnus  up against Lud and Marie who are so down home and who are now helpless to deal with an angst ridden teenager who has total contempt for them.

Lud and Marie are at a total loss and this just visits on them the repetition in their life how so many things that they’ve planned haven’t worked out. They begin to become a little sympathetic, thinking back to another time when Agnus was a little girl to a different time when maybe they were different too. When maybe they weren’t as embittered. – Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner